BAFM National Conference & AGM 2017

September 2017, London First a tribute to the Friends of the London Transport Museum (LTM) for hosting the Conference, bringing together representatives of Friends of Museums Groups  from all over the country – England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland – thus providing an opportunity for Friends’ to discuss pertinent issues with each other in face to face contact. The Programme devised by LTM Friends and BAFM on the theme of  “Museums, Members and Friends – A Harmonious Relationship”  was full of interest, with some excellent keynote speakers, as well as being informative and entertaining.  The first speaker, Mike Zeidler, Partnership Manager of  “Happy City Charity” addressed the subject of “How to develop enduring Friendships” – this involved the issues of financial success going hand in hand with good human relationships.  This was followed by Sam Mullins, Director of The London Transport Museum and Barry LeJeune (Chair of LTM Friends) addressing the good relationship between the Museum and the Friends – this achieved by their excellent productive meetings and responses.  The importance of Friends in their roles as Volunteers in the running of the museum was highlighted. The afternoon session following the BAFM AGM, involved contributions from keynote speakers from The Horniman Museum, Susan Wise;  Geffrye Museum, Liz Philipson;  The Crystal Palace Subway, Ray Sacks;  and The Army Medical Services Museum, Jason Semmens.  This was followed by an excellent Panel Discussion on “Friends’ Relationships” with the above keynote speakers including Barry LeJeune.  Contributions from the floor were invited resulting in some excellent discussions. Then Dame Rosemary Butler, the President of BAFM, presented the Awards for the BAFM NEWSLETTER AWARDS and the winner of the 2017 ROBERT LOGAN AWARD, Fiona Greer.  Before concluding remarks by Sam Mullins, Director of The London Transport Museum, Drs Andrena & Bill Telford gave an illustrated introduction, on behalf of the Friends of The Laing Art Gallery (FLAG) and exciting Newcastle.  FLAG will be hosting the BAFM National Conference & AGM 2018 at their beautiful Gallery and exciting Newcastle. Following closure of a very successful day by the BAfM Chairman, Dr Alison Hems, delegates proceeded to the Informal Drinks Reception at St Paul’s Church (aka the Actors’ Church) in Covent Garden Piazza.