General All submissions must be made through the editor by the specified deadline for the issue. Any material submitted which you would like to have returned should be accompanied by a sufficient amount to cover return postage.

Text Submissions should be between 100 and 1000 words. Special feature articles may occasionally be longer by specific arrangement with the editor. All submissions are subject to editorial change at the discretion of the editor. It is always helpful if the editor is consulted over the length of articles etc., before they are submitted.

Text material should be submitted on CD or by email. We can accept typewritten material but this should be cleared with the editor before submission. Text should be in Word format (.doc). If in doubt about saving text files please save them in the RICH TEXT FORMAT (.rtf) as this is recognised by most versions of Word and other software.

Please avoid anything other than basic formatting  fonts, sizes and layout will be managed by the editors and printers. Please do not embed photos within the document – these should be sent as separate files (see note on illustrations below). Please ensure that all websites and email addresses are typed and checked; many versions of Word automatically link (hyperlink) websites and emails to the host computer’s address book, so when the file is opened elsewhere the websites and emails do not appear or appear with errors. Please remove all hyperlinks from your document. They should appear on your hard copy; if they do not, write them in clearly by hand and we will add them during typesetting.

Wherever possible, please write words and titles etc., in full. Abbreviations should be used after the full wording has appeared in the text. It is helpful if a list of abbreviated words appears at the end of the submission for our reference. Contributors are asked to include their full contact details, a telephone number and email address in case we need to verify or heavily edit anything. If we are unable to contact you then editorial changes could take place which you may be unhappy with. This often happens when an article is larger than was agreed or requested.

Pictures and illustrations We prefer images to be submitted at a high resolution. Never compress files; this can cause problems when opening them. If you can supply only physical photographs, please note that only prints of high quality will scan well enough for publication. Please do not download images from the internet for use unless they are of a reasonable resolution (and you have appropriate permission to reproduce them). Images from digital cameras should be saved at high resolution (see information above) and sent on a CD, a flashdrive, or by email in either .TIF, JPEG, .PNG or .GIF format. All material is returned after publication wherever possible.

DISCLAIMER Although we take every care with material whilst it is in our possession, things can go astray in the post. So if you are submitting material, photographs or illustrations which are of value to you, please try to send good quality copies and not the originals. BAFM cannot accept any liability for loss or damage to material whilst in their possession or whilst in the postal system. If you have any doubts or require advice on any of the above please contact the editor before submission and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can. 

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