Our annual conference was cancelled due to the Covid 19 crisis and consequently Council took the decision to hold the AGM remotely for this year only. We sought to enable members to engage as closely as possible to the usual process. AGM papers were posted out as usual giving members three weeks to return voting papers and to send enquiries about the reports.

We received 40 sets of votes.  Results are as follows –

Approve minutes of 2019 AGM                                      Approved unanimously

Adopt Financial Accounts 20189/20                         Approved unanimously

Approved Annual Report                                                   Approved unanimously

Election of Syd Howells as RC for Wales                                    39 Approved, 1 abstention

Appointment of Alan Denney as Examiner            39 Approved, 1 abstention

Questions from members

As members were unable to ask questions directly at an AGM meeting took questions by email and responded to them directly.  In summary these were –

When is likely date of next Conference?

We are aiming to hold it in October 2021 but this is subject to Covid no longer being a threat or disincentive to travel and meet in public places.

Could we have more information about the Governance Review?

There is a report in the Autumn/Winter Journal but any further questions can be sent to the Chair

Can you explain the increased insurance premium and the consequent effect on the surplus from the scheme?

The premiums are set by the insurer and is based on the previous year’s sales but that we had a £6K reduction the current year which will show in the next annual accounts. 

 Why does financial outcome from conferences vary?

We aim to break even but costs vary based on whether we have to pay room hire and the costs of speakers’ expenses.


One individual asked if BAFM could provide a template for memorandum and articles of association for member organisations or a constitution document if they are not incorporated. We referred them to the section on legal forms on the NVCO website.