BAFM aims to help young museum professionals realize their curatorial ambitions and further the aims of their institution by offering an annual award for new collections-based research and curatorial development opportunities. BAFM is committed to delivering public benefit in museums, and aims to achieve this through supporting the development, conservation, and dissemination of museum collections to enhance their public presentation and accessibility. We also accept that research can and should be creative and exploratory.

We therefore welcome ambitious applications and will not always expect material outcomes (for example in the form of acquisitions, exhibitions, or publications) to be an immediate consequence of the award. However, while the award aims to help support curatorial development and collections-based research, it is not intended to replace statutory funding for equipment and resources. BAFM hopes the award will demonstrate the importance and benefits of continued investment in curatorial expertise and encourage funding from other sources.

BAFM welcomes applications for the award from professionals under 30 years of age who work in museums whose Friends are BAFM members, to undertake:

-travel and accommodation for research trips and conferences, museum and exhibition visits,
-training courses and programmes of study,
-publications and subscriptions to add to a museum’s research resources or library

The award might also support other kinds of activity, provided you are able to make a strong case for its contribution to the development of curatorial skill and collections-based research projects.
Tim Craven
(For BAFM Council)

Final date date for applications 1st July 2023
For further information contact Tim Craven on


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